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E56 | Vince Serrano’s Dual Ambitions: Rising Through Influencer Boxing, Musical Drive, and Life-Changing Health Transformations

Welcome to another electrifying episode of Happy Hour Holidaze! Hosts Sean and Manny Febre are back in the studio with a returning guest, Vince Serrano. Vince, a rising star in the world of influencer boxing and music, shares his incredible journey from local fight events in Wesley Chapel to the professional boxing arena, all while maintaining his passion for music. This episode is filled with inspiring stories, practical insights, and plenty of laughs, making it a must-listen for fans of boxing, music, and personal growth.

Sean and Manny start the episode by introducing Vince Serrano, highlighting his impressive achievements in both the music and boxing worlds. Vince expresses his gratitude for the support and mentorship he’s received from Sean and Manny, particularly in improving his podcast editing skills. The conversation quickly dives into Vince’s entrance into the world of influencer boxing, which began after he attended a local fight in Wesley Chapel. He explains the differences between amateur and professional influencer boxing and outlines the process of getting licensed through the Pro Boxing Commission (PBC).

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E55 | Chris Ellis’s Collectible Chronicles: From Funko Pops to High-Stakes Trading Cards and Million-Dollar Hits

Introduction to Chris Ellis: The episode kicks off with a warm welcome to Chris Ellis, a web developer, entrepreneur, and co-owner of Funko Chases. Chris shares his journey from collecting Funko Pops to diving into the lucrative world of trading cards. Discover how his passion for sports memorabilia transformed into a profitable business venture.

The Basics of Card Collecting: Sean and Manny explore the fundamentals of card collecting with Chris. They discuss the differences between PSA graded cards and raw cards, highlighting the importance of grading in determining a card’s value. Chris explains the various types of cards, from base cards to rookie inserts and the intriguing world of numbered and jersey-matched cards.

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E54 | Chef David Reyes’ Culinary Odyssey: From Chicago’s Michelin Stars to Tampa’s Distillery Delights and Global Flavors

Welcome to Episode 54 of Happy Hour Holidaze, your go-to podcast for the perfect blend of entrepreneurship, business insights, and pure entertainment! This week, hosts Sean and Manny Febre are joined by the illustrious Chef David Reyes, a culinary virtuoso who has made a significant impact on Tampa Bay’s burgeoning food culture. From the bustling streets of Chicago to the innovative kitchens of Tampa, Chef Reyes brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to our show.

We kick off the episode with Chef Reyes introducing us to a unique agave spirit from St Pete Distillery. This isn’t just any spirit; it’s a super añejo, matured for four years in whiskey barrels, offering a flavor profile that’s both smooth and complex. Chef Reyes shares his journey at the distillery, giving listeners an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the meticulous process of creating this exquisite beverage. He explains the nuances of agave spirits and why certain terms like “tequila” are reserved for specific regions in Mexico. This segment is a must-listen for spirit enthusiasts and anyone interested in the intricacies of distillation.

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E54 | Chef David Reyes' Culinary Odyssey: From Chicago's Michelin Stars to Tampa's Distillery Delights and Global Flavors

Exploring Culinary Excellence: Chef David Reyes on Happy Hour Holidaze

Welcome to another episode of Happy Hour Holidaze, the podcast where entrepreneurship, groundbreaking business insights, and unfiltered joy merge in a symphony of enlightening entertainment. Hosted by brothers Sean and Manny Febre, this week’s episode features a special guest: the illustrious Chef David Reyes. With a career that spans continents and a reputation for culinary brilliance, Chef Reyes shares his journey from the bustling restaurant scene of Chicago to the innovative kitchens of Tampa Bay. Join us as we dive into his story, explore the nuances of his craft, and celebrate the vibrant food culture of Tampa Bay.

The Magic of St Pete Distillery

The episode begins with an exciting introduction to St Pete Distillery’s latest creation: an agave spirit. Chef Reyes, who currently works his culinary magic at the distillery, explains the unique qualities of this spirit, aged for four years in whiskey barrels. This meticulous aging process imparts a complex flavor profile, blending the sweetness of agave with subtle peaty notes from the whiskey barrels.

Chef Reyes enlightens us on the legalities and traditions surrounding tequila and agave spirits, emphasizing that true tequila can only come from specific regions in Mexico. The discussion offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of distillation and the artistry involved in creating top-notch spirits.

From Humble Beginnings to Culinary Excellence

Chef Reyes’s culinary journey is nothing short of inspiring. Raised in Chicago’s Humboldt Park, he grew up in a family deeply rooted in the restaurant industry. His grandfather owned three restaurants, and his earliest memories are filled with the sights and smells of bustling kitchens. This early exposure ignited a passion for food that would shape his future.

After high school, Chef Reyes embarked on a culinary adventure that took him across the globe. He trained in prestigious kitchens in France, Mexico, and London, working under Michelin-starred chefs and absorbing diverse culinary techniques. His story is a testament to the value of hard work, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

The Challenges and Triumphs of Michelin Star Pursuits

Earning a Michelin star is a dream for many chefs, but the journey is fraught with challenges. Chef Reyes provides a candid look into the demanding world of Michelin-starred restaurants. He discusses the high standards required to achieve and maintain a star, from assembling top-notch teams to delivering impeccable dining experiences.

The conversation highlights the immense pressure on chefs to perform consistently at the highest level. Chef Reyes shares anecdotes from his time in Michelin-starred kitchens, offering listeners a rare glimpse into the dedication and artistry required to reach the pinnacle of culinary success.

Global Culinary Adventures and Inspirations

Chef Reyes’s culinary journey is marked by a deep appreciation for global flavors. He takes listeners on a virtual tour of world cuisines, sharing his experiences from luxury dining rooms in New York’s Per Se to vibrant street food stalls in Seoul. His reflections on the culinary landscapes of France, Spain, Italy, and beyond showcase the rich diversity and interconnectedness of global food traditions.

This segment celebrates the universal language of food and the joy of culinary exploration. Chef Reyes’s stories are a feast for the senses, inviting listeners to savor the unique flavors and techniques that define each region.

Tampa Bay’s Food Renaissance

Tampa Bay is experiencing a culinary renaissance, and Chef Reyes is at the heart of it. He offers an insightful analysis of the region’s evolving food scene, highlighting key players and standout restaurants that are elevating Tampa Bay’s culinary reputation.

From Rooster and Till to Supernatural Foods, Chef Reyes shares his favorite dining spots and what makes them special. He emphasizes the importance of community and collaboration among chefs, creating a supportive network that drives innovation and excellence. For locals and visitors alike, this segment serves as a guide to exploring the best culinary experiences Tampa Bay has to offer.

Personal Insights and Future Endeavors

As the episode draws to a close, Chef Reyes shares personal anecdotes and his vision for the future. He talks about his recent move to St Pete Distillery, where he is creating a menu that complements the distillery’s unique spirits. His plans for new restaurant concepts and commitment to nurturing culinary talent are also discussed, providing listeners with a glimpse into his future endeavors.

Chef Reyes’s emphasis on culture, teamwork, and continuous learning resonates deeply. He believes that creating a positive work environment and fostering a sense of community are key to success in the culinary industry. His dedication to mentoring young chefs and promoting a culture of excellence is truly inspiring.


Episode 54 of Happy Hour Holidaze with Chef David Reyes is a captivating journey through the world of culinary excellence. From the intricacies of distillation at St Pete Distillery to the high standards of Michelin-starred kitchens, Chef Reyes’s stories are filled with passion, dedication, and a love for food.

Listeners are treated to a rich tapestry of global culinary adventures, insights into Tampa Bay’s vibrant food scene, and valuable lessons on the importance of culture and community in the restaurant industry. Whether you’re a foodie, an aspiring chef, or simply curious about the art of cooking, this episode is packed with inspiration, humor, and a genuine love for the culinary arts.

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