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E56 | Vince Serrano’s Dual Ambitions: Rising Through Influencer Boxing, Musical Drive, and Life-Changing Health Transformations

Welcome to another electrifying episode of Happy Hour Holidaze! Hosts Sean and Manny Febre are back in the studio with a returning guest, Vince Serrano. Vince, a rising star in the world of influencer boxing and music, shares his incredible journey from local fight events in Wesley Chapel to the professional boxing arena, all while maintaining his passion for music. This episode is filled with inspiring stories, practical insights, and plenty of laughs, making it a must-listen for fans of boxing, music, and personal growth.

Sean and Manny start the episode by introducing Vince Serrano, highlighting his impressive achievements in both the music and boxing worlds. Vince expresses his gratitude for the support and mentorship he’s received from Sean and Manny, particularly in improving his podcast editing skills. The conversation quickly dives into Vince’s entrance into the world of influencer boxing, which began after he attended a local fight in Wesley Chapel. He explains the differences between amateur and professional influencer boxing and outlines the process of getting licensed through the Pro Boxing Commission (PBC).

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E55 | Chris Ellis’s Collectible Chronicles: From Funko Pops to High-Stakes Trading Cards and Million-Dollar Hits

Introduction to Chris Ellis: The episode kicks off with a warm welcome to Chris Ellis, a web developer, entrepreneur, and co-owner of Funko Chases. Chris shares his journey from collecting Funko Pops to diving into the lucrative world of trading cards. Discover how his passion for sports memorabilia transformed into a profitable business venture.

The Basics of Card Collecting: Sean and Manny explore the fundamentals of card collecting with Chris. They discuss the differences between PSA graded cards and raw cards, highlighting the importance of grading in determining a card’s value. Chris explains the various types of cards, from base cards to rookie inserts and the intriguing world of numbered and jersey-matched cards.

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E54 | Chef David Reyes’ Culinary Odyssey: From Chicago’s Michelin Stars to Tampa’s Distillery Delights and Global Flavors

Welcome to Episode 54 of Happy Hour Holidaze, your go-to podcast for the perfect blend of entrepreneurship, business insights, and pure entertainment! This week, hosts Sean and Manny Febre are joined by the illustrious Chef David Reyes, a culinary virtuoso who has made a significant impact on Tampa Bay’s burgeoning food culture. From the bustling streets of Chicago to the innovative kitchens of Tampa, Chef Reyes brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to our show.

We kick off the episode with Chef Reyes introducing us to a unique agave spirit from St Pete Distillery. This isn’t just any spirit; it’s a super añejo, matured for four years in whiskey barrels, offering a flavor profile that’s both smooth and complex. Chef Reyes shares his journey at the distillery, giving listeners an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the meticulous process of creating this exquisite beverage. He explains the nuances of agave spirits and why certain terms like “tequila” are reserved for specific regions in Mexico. This segment is a must-listen for spirit enthusiasts and anyone interested in the intricacies of distillation.

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E53 | Joey Redner's Cigar City Revolution: Crafting Tampa’s Beer Boom, Strategic Exits, and Brewing Future Ventures

Brewing a Legacy: Joey Redner’s Journey from Beer Blogger to Craft Beer Mogul

Welcome to another exciting episode of Happy Hour Holidaze! Today, we are thrilled to have Joey Redner, the visionary behind Cigar City Brewing, join us. Hosted by the dynamic duo Sean Febre and Manny Febre, this episode delves deep into Joey’s remarkable journey from a local beer enthusiast to a pivotal figure in Tampa’s craft beer revolution. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the story of how Joey turned his passion into a thriving business, transforming Tampa’s beer scene in the process.

From Humble Beginnings to Brewing Success

Joey Redner’s story begins with a simple dissatisfaction with the beers available in Tampa. Growing up as a sixth-generation Floridian, Joey found himself unimpressed with the local beer options during his college years. This discontent sparked his curiosity and led him to explore the world of homebrewing. His early experiments in brewing, documented meticulously on his blog, quickly gained a following among beer enthusiasts.

The blog served as more than just a diary of his brewing adventures; it became a valuable marketing tool that helped Joey engage with a growing audience of craft beer fans. This early engagement was crucial as it laid the foundation for what would become Cigar City Brewing.

The Birth of Cigar City Brewing

In 2007, Joey took a bold step and founded Cigar City Brewing. The name itself pays homage to Tampa’s rich history as a major cigar manufacturing hub, a clever nod to the city’s cultural heritage. Joey’s vision was clear: to create a brewery that would offer high-quality beer and reflect Tampa’s unique history and character.

Joey’s ability to tap into an underserved market was a key factor in the brewery’s early success. By forming strategic alliances with local distributors and grocery chains, Cigar City Brewing was able to extend its reach far beyond Tampa. Joey shares how the brewery navigated the scaling challenges, the invaluable role of consultants, and the hard lessons learned through expansion.

One of the standout aspects of Cigar City Brewing is the creative and culturally resonant beer names, such as “Maduro” and “Jai Alai,” inspired by Tampa’s local sports and cigar culture. These names not only added a unique flair to the brand but also connected deeply with the local community.

Scaling Up and Letting Go

As Cigar City Brewing gained popularity, the challenges of scaling up became more apparent. Joey discusses the complexities of expanding production, maintaining quality, and managing a growing team. The process was far from easy, but Joey’s commitment to quality and innovation helped the brewery navigate these hurdles successfully.

However, success came with its own set of challenges. The constant need for capital and the pressure to keep growing started to weigh on Joey. He opens up about the emotional and strategic intricacies of exiting the business. Joey offers candid advice on financial readiness and the bittersweet process of letting go of a company you’ve built from the ground up.

In 2016, Joey sold Cigar City Brewing to a private equity group. The decision was not an easy one, but it allowed Joey to step back and explore new ventures while ensuring that the brewery continued to thrive.

Life After Cigar City Brewing

Post-sale, Joey transitioned into advising and investing in the craft beer industry. He reveals current trends, the importance of sticking to one’s brewing passion, and his diversified career ventures in real estate and stocks. Joey’s insights are invaluable for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, craft beer, and the art of successful business exits.

Joey has made several strategic investments in other breweries and continues to play a significant role in the craft beer community. His experience and knowledge make him a sought-after advisor in the industry, and he takes pride in helping new breweries navigate their paths to success.

Key Takeaways from Joey Redner’s Journey

  • Understanding the Market: Joey emphasizes the importance of recognizing and tapping into underserved markets. His ability to identify a gap in the Tampa beer market was crucial to Cigar City’s success.
  • Building a Strong Brand: Joey’s decision to name the brewery Cigar City Brewing and the storytelling behind it created a strong brand identity that resonated with locals and visitors alike.
  • Scaling with Strategy: Scaling up a business comes with significant challenges. Joey highlights the importance of hiring experts, understanding the intricacies of production, and being patient with growth.
  • The Art of Letting Go: Exiting a business is never easy. Joey discusses the emotional and strategic aspects of selling a company, offering valuable advice for entrepreneurs facing similar decisions.
  • Diversifying Ventures: Post-sale, Joey has successfully diversified his career into advising, investing, and real estate. His approach to maintaining a balanced and fulfilling career offers lessons for anyone looking to pivot after a major business exit.

Final Thoughts

Joey Redner’s journey from a dissatisfied beer drinker to the founder of a revolutionary brewery is a testament to the power of passion, innovation, and strategic thinking. His story is not just about brewing beer but about building a legacy that has left an indelible mark on Tampa’s craft beer scene.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a craft beer enthusiast, or someone interested in business success stories, this episode is packed with insights and inspiration. Joey’s candid reflections on his journey provide valuable lessons on market identification, brand building, strategic scaling, and the emotional complexities of business exits.

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