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E53 | Joey Redner’s Cigar City Revolution: Crafting Tampa’s Beer Boom, Strategic Exits, and Brewing Future Ventures

Welcome to Happy Hour Holidaze! In this exciting episode, hosts Sean Febre and Manny Febre are joined by Joey Redner, the sixth-generation Floridian and mastermind behind Cigar City Brewing. Joey’s incredible journey from an unimpressed local beer drinker to a revolutionary figure in Tampa’s craft beer scene is both inspiring and educational. Join us as we delve into the captivating story of how one man’s passion for better beer transformed an entire city’s beverage industry.

Joey Redner’s story begins with his dissatisfaction with the beers available in Tampa. His curiosity and desire for better beer led him to experiment with brewing, a journey he chronicled through a blog that quickly gained popularity among beer enthusiasts. This blog not only documented his brewing experiments but also served as a marketing tool that engaged a growing audience of craft beer fans.

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E52 | Ben Stranzl’s Bold Choices: Golf Triumphs, Non-Compete Confessions, and America’s Economic Quandaries

Welcome to another riveting episode of Happy Hour Holidaze! In Episode 52, your hosts Sean and Manny Febre bring back the ever-insightful Ben Stranzl for a conversation packed with humor, candid insights, and thought-provoking discussions. This episode is a rollercoaster of topics that range from personal anecdotes to pressing socio-political issues.

The episode kicks off with Manny’s animated introduction, despite the lingering sting of a recent golf defeat at the hands of Sean and Ben. We dive right into Ben’s hilarious recounting of his latest golf triumph and the questionable prioritization that followed – a new putter over groceries! This light-hearted banter sets the tone for an engaging episode that seamlessly transitions into more serious discussions.

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E51 | Brian Gordon’s Patriotic Pursuits: Crafting Second Amendment Cigars, Merch Mastery, and Tactical Ventures

Introduction and Opening Cheers: The episode kicks off with Sean and Manny setting the tone for a fun-filled hour, making jokes about shots and introducing their guest, Brian Gordon.
Brian Gordon’s 2nd Amendment Cigars: Brian dives into his latest ventures, including the launch of his new smaller gauge cigars designed specifically for women. He shares the journey of creating these cigars, the challenges, and the pride he takes in his handcrafted products.
New Merchandise Unveiling: The conversation takes a patriotic turn as Brian unveils his brand-new Second Amendment-themed merchandise. From swimsuits to hoodies, learn about the intricacies of starting a merch line, the importance of trademarking, and the benefits of using drop shipping services like Printify and Shopify.

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E51 | Brian Gordon's Patriotic Pursuits: Crafting Second Amendment Cigars, Merch Mastery, and Tactical Ventures

Happy Hour Holidaze Episode 51: Cigar Size Jokes, Gym Routines & Gun Safety with Brian Gordon

Welcome back to Happy Hour Holidaze, your go-to podcast for a delightful blend of humor, insightful discussions, and inspiring stories. In Episode 51, hosts Sean Febre and Manny Febre are joined by a special guest, Brian Gordon, the owner of 2nd Amendment Cigars. This episode is packed with engaging conversations about cigars, fitness, gun safety, and much more. Let’s dive into the highlights of this episode.

Kicking Off with Laughter and Introductions

The episode begins with Sean and Manny setting the tone for a lively hour, making light-hearted jokes about shots. They quickly introduce their guest, Brian Gordon, and the trio launches into an engaging discussion about Brian’s business ventures.

The Latest in 2nd Amendment Cigars

Brian Gordon is no stranger to the podcast, and he returns to share updates on his 2nd Amendment Cigars. He introduces his new line of smaller gauge cigars designed specifically for women. Brian talks about the journey of creating these cigars, the challenges he faced, and the satisfaction of seeing his handcrafted products in the market. His passion for cigars is evident as he discusses the rich Nicaraguan blend that sets his cigars apart.

Unveiling New Merchandise

The conversation takes a patriotic turn as Brian unveils his latest Second Amendment-themed merchandise. From swimsuits to hoodies, the new line is designed to appeal to a wide audience. Brian, Sean, and Manny delve into the details of starting a merchandise line, discussing the importance of trademarking and the benefits of using drop shipping services like Printify and Shopify. The discussion is both informative and entertaining, providing listeners with valuable insights into the world of merchandise.

Insights into Cigar Manufacturing

Brian takes the time to explain the unique aspects of his cigars, including the Nicaraguan blend and the special features that distinguish his products from others. He shares an interesting tidbit about his cigar bands, revealing hidden Easter eggs that reflect his love for firearms. This segment offers a fascinating look into the art of cigar making and the attention to detail that goes into creating each cigar.

Fitness, Gym Routines, and Nutritional Myths

The conversation shifts to fitness as Brian, Sean, and Manny exchange insights on gym routines and debunk common nutritional myths. They discuss the importance of staying fit and healthy, and how Brian balances his love for cigars with a commitment to fitness. This segment adds a personal touch to the episode, highlighting the hosts’ and guest’s dedication to a healthy lifestyle.

Tactical Society and Gun Safety

Brian talks about his Tactical Society business, focusing on firearm modifications and gun safety. He shares valuable insights on gun education, societal influences on violence, and his partnership with Core Elite. The discussion is thought-provoking and crucial, addressing important issues related to gun safety and the responsible use of firearms.

Military Stories and Personal Journeys

The episode takes a deeper turn as Brian shares compelling stories from his military background. He talks about the challenges of transitioning to civilian life and the importance of authenticity and pursuing one’s purpose. Sean and Manny add their own perspectives, creating a rich dialogue about personal growth and resilience. This segment is both inspiring and moving, offering listeners a glimpse into the personal journeys of the hosts and their guest.

Education Reform and Parenting

Brian, Sean, and Manny discuss the need for educational reform, emphasizing how current systems can better prepare individuals for real-world challenges. They touch on the influence of parenting styles on children’s development and the importance of teaching practical skills like financial management. This discussion is insightful and relevant, highlighting the need for changes in the education system to better equip future generations.

Brian’s Upcoming Book

One of the highlights of the episode is Brian’s announcement of his forthcoming book, titled “Tell Your Own Story So They Don’t Fuck It Up.” He shares the inspiration behind the book, the writing process, and the excitement of seeing his life story unfold on paper. The hosts discuss the potential for a Netflix adaptation, adding an element of excitement to the conversation. This segment is sure to intrigue listeners and leave them eagerly anticipating the book’s release.

Living Authentically and Leaving a Legacy

Sean and Manny emphasize the importance of living authentically and leaving a meaningful legacy. They explore the concept of success beyond financial wealth, focusing on personal fulfillment and making a positive impact on the world. This discussion is both reflective and motivational, encouraging listeners to pursue their true passions and make a lasting difference.

Memorable Quotes

Throughout the episode, several quotes stand out for their wisdom and humor:

  • “Support our troops, support our first responders. It’s not just a cigar; it’s about what it stands for.” – Brian Gordon
  • “The good people have to continue to be good. We have to promote gun safety and stop the bad guys when needed.” – Brian Gordon
  • “Live your true self, and you’ll meet people who accept you for who you are.” – Sean Febre
  • “If you chase money, it runs. Focus on your purpose, and the money will follow.” – Manny Febre

Why You Should Listen

This episode of Happy Hour Holidaze is a perfect blend of humor, heartfelt discussions, and valuable insights. Whether you’re a cigar enthusiast, a fitness buff, or someone interested in entrepreneurship and personal growth, there’s something for everyone. Brian’s unique perspective as a veteran, entrepreneur, and advocate for gun safety brings a refreshing and thought-provoking dimension to the conversation.

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