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E53 | Joey Redner’s Cigar City Revolution: Crafting Tampa’s Beer Boom, Strategic Exits, and Brewing Future Ventures

Welcome to Happy Hour Holidaze! In this exciting episode, hosts Sean Febre and Manny Febre are joined by Joey Redner, the sixth-generation Floridian and mastermind behind Cigar City Brewing. Joey’s incredible journey from an unimpressed local beer drinker to a revolutionary figure in Tampa’s craft beer scene is both inspiring and educational. Join us as we delve into the captivating story of how one man’s passion for better beer transformed an entire city’s beverage industry.

Joey Redner’s story begins with his dissatisfaction with the beers available in Tampa. His curiosity and desire for better beer led him to experiment with brewing, a journey he chronicled through a blog that quickly gained popularity among beer enthusiasts. This blog not only documented his brewing experiments but also served as a marketing tool that engaged a growing audience of craft beer fans.

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E52 | Ben Stranzl’s Bold Choices: Golf Triumphs, Non-Compete Confessions, and America’s Economic Quandaries

Welcome to another riveting episode of Happy Hour Holidaze! In Episode 52, your hosts Sean and Manny Febre bring back the ever-insightful Ben Stranzl for a conversation packed with humor, candid insights, and thought-provoking discussions. This episode is a rollercoaster of topics that range from personal anecdotes to pressing socio-political issues.

The episode kicks off with Manny’s animated introduction, despite the lingering sting of a recent golf defeat at the hands of Sean and Ben. We dive right into Ben’s hilarious recounting of his latest golf triumph and the questionable prioritization that followed – a new putter over groceries! This light-hearted banter sets the tone for an engaging episode that seamlessly transitions into more serious discussions.

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E51 | Brian Gordon’s Patriotic Pursuits: Crafting Second Amendment Cigars, Merch Mastery, and Tactical Ventures

Introduction and Opening Cheers: The episode kicks off with Sean and Manny setting the tone for a fun-filled hour, making jokes about shots and introducing their guest, Brian Gordon.
Brian Gordon’s 2nd Amendment Cigars: Brian dives into his latest ventures, including the launch of his new smaller gauge cigars designed specifically for women. He shares the journey of creating these cigars, the challenges, and the pride he takes in his handcrafted products.
New Merchandise Unveiling: The conversation takes a patriotic turn as Brian unveils his brand-new Second Amendment-themed merchandise. From swimsuits to hoodies, learn about the intricacies of starting a merch line, the importance of trademarking, and the benefits of using drop shipping services like Printify and Shopify.

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E50 | Nate Jurewicz's and Steve Fantetti's Economic Showdown: Inflation Insights, Free Market Debates, Veterans’ Voices, and Global Policy Perspectives

A Heated Debate on Economics, Immigration, and More

Welcome back to Happy Hour Holidaze! In Episode 50, our dynamic hosts Sean and Manny Febre bring you an electrifying debate featuring two influential guests: Republican entrepreneur Nate Jurewicz and corporate attorney Steve Fantetti. This episode dives deep into contentious topics like inflation, government spending, climate change, and more. Buckle up for a rollercoaster of perspectives that promise to challenge and expand your viewpoints on these critical issues.

Inflation and Government Spending: A Clash of Economic Philosophies

The episode kicks off with a heated discussion on inflation and government spending. Nate Jurewicz, known for his conservative economic views, critiques the Biden administration’s approach, particularly its habit of printing money and extensive foreign aid. He advocates for a return to the gold standard and a complete overhaul of the tax system, emphasizing the need for accountability in government spending. Nate highlights a viral video of a congressman showcasing a bag of washers billed at $90,000, underscoring his point about government inefficiency and waste.

On the other hand, Steve Fantetti defends the current administration’s efforts, including the Inflation Reduction Act and the new infrastructure bill. He argues that these measures are designed to stabilize the economy and create jobs in the long run. Steve acknowledges the challenges but believes that strategic investments and patience are key to resolving inflation issues. This segment sets the stage for a robust debate, highlighting the stark differences in economic philosophies between the two guests.

Climate Change: Government Role and Free-Market Solutions

The conversation then shifts to climate change, another polarizing topic. Steve emphasizes the government’s long-standing role in environmental regulation, referencing the Clean Water Act as a significant milestone. He stresses the importance of global cooperation and investment in alternative energy sources to combat climate change effectively. According to Steve, the U.S. must lead by example, leveraging its technological and political influence to foster international collaboration.

Nate, while supportive of environmental care, remains skeptical of government intervention. He argues that the push for climate change policies often masks ulterior motives, such as implementing carbon taxes that could burden citizens financially. Nate advocates for free-market solutions, suggesting that consumer choice should drive the adoption of renewable energy sources. This segment delves into the complexities of balancing environmental responsibility with economic freedom, offering listeners a comprehensive view of the debate.

Immigration Policy: Balancing Security and Compassion

Immigration policy takes center stage next, with both guests offering nuanced perspectives. Nate calls for stricter border controls and a merit-based immigration system, arguing that open borders pose security risks and economic challenges. He supports the construction of a border wall and criticizes current policies for allowing potential criminal elements to exploit the system. Nate’s stance reflects a broader concern about national security and the economic impact of unchecked immigration.

Steve, bringing his personal experience as an immigrant from Canada, advocates for controlled but compassionate immigration policies. He emphasizes the economic and cultural benefits of a diverse immigrant population while acknowledging the need for proper vetting and processing. Steve supports the Biden administration’s efforts to streamline the immigration process and address the humanitarian aspects of the issue. This segment highlights the importance of finding a balanced approach to immigration that ensures security while honoring America’s legacy as a land of opportunity.

Veterans’ Issues: Honoring Those Who Served

The debate takes a heartfelt turn as the panel discusses veterans’ issues. Both Nate and Steve agree on the urgent need for better support systems for veterans, including improved benefits and mental health care. They critique the current administration’s handling of veteran affairs, calling for more substantial and effective measures. Nate shares his belief that veterans should have access to medicinal cannabis as an alternative to opioids, which often have harmful side effects.

This naturally transitions into a broader discussion on cannabis legalization. Nate, who has found relief from chronic pain through medicinal cannabis, passionately advocates for broader legalization. He criticizes the monopolization of the industry by large corporations and calls for a more inclusive, free-market approach. Steve agrees on the benefits of decriminalization but emphasizes the need for regulatory oversight to prevent abuse and ensure safety.

U.S. Foreign Policy: Ukraine and Israel

The episode also delves into U.S. foreign policy, particularly the support for Ukraine and Israel. Nate questions the rationale behind extensive foreign aid, suggesting that funds could be better utilized domestically. He highlights the potential for corruption and the lack of direct negotiation efforts with adversaries like Russia. Steve provides a counterpoint, emphasizing the strategic importance of supporting allies and maintaining global stability. He underscores the complexities of international relations and the necessity of informed, strategic decisions.

Energy Policies and the Keystone Pipeline

Energy policy, particularly the closure of the Keystone pipeline, is another heated topic. Nate argues that this decision has directly contributed to inflation and higher gas prices, criticizing the Biden administration’s energy strategies. Steve, while acknowledging the economic impact, calls for a broader understanding of the strategic reasons behind such decisions, including environmental concerns and the need for sustainable energy solutions.

Space Exploration: The Final Frontier

In a lighter segment, the discussion turns to space exploration and the relevance of initiatives like Space Force and moon missions. Both guests recognize the importance of technological advancement and strategic defense capabilities. They debate the roles of government versus the private sector in leading these efforts, highlighting the potential benefits and risks involved.

Closing Thoughts and Political Aspirations

As the episode draws to a close, the conversation circles back to the upcoming presidential election. Nate expresses his unwavering support for Trump, citing dissatisfaction with the current administration and the desire for significant policy changes. Steve, while undecided, emphasizes the importance of constitutional values and a leader who prioritizes the nation’s future.

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This episode of Happy Hour Holidaze is a must-listen for anyone interested in the intricate interplay of economics, politics, and societal issues. Sean and Manny’s infectious energy and shrewd questioning ensure a lively and insightful discussion, making complex topics accessible and engaging. Tune in, join the conversation, and gain a deeper understanding of the critical debates shaping our nation’s future.

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