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E53 | Joey Redner’s Cigar City Revolution: Crafting Tampa’s Beer Boom, Strategic Exits, and Brewing Future Ventures

Welcome to Happy Hour Holidaze! In this exciting episode, hosts Sean Febre and Manny Febre are joined by Joey Redner, the sixth-generation Floridian and mastermind behind Cigar City Brewing. Joey’s incredible journey from an unimpressed local beer drinker to a revolutionary figure in Tampa’s craft beer scene is both inspiring and educational. Join us as we delve into the captivating story of how one man’s passion for better beer transformed an entire city’s beverage industry.

Joey Redner’s story begins with his dissatisfaction with the beers available in Tampa. His curiosity and desire for better beer led him to experiment with brewing, a journey he chronicled through a blog that quickly gained popularity among beer enthusiasts. This blog not only documented his brewing experiments but also served as a marketing tool that engaged a growing audience of craft beer fans.

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E52 | Ben Stranzl’s Bold Choices: Golf Triumphs, Non-Compete Confessions, and America’s Economic Quandaries

Welcome to another riveting episode of Happy Hour Holidaze! In Episode 52, your hosts Sean and Manny Febre bring back the ever-insightful Ben Stranzl for a conversation packed with humor, candid insights, and thought-provoking discussions. This episode is a rollercoaster of topics that range from personal anecdotes to pressing socio-political issues.

The episode kicks off with Manny’s animated introduction, despite the lingering sting of a recent golf defeat at the hands of Sean and Ben. We dive right into Ben’s hilarious recounting of his latest golf triumph and the questionable prioritization that followed – a new putter over groceries! This light-hearted banter sets the tone for an engaging episode that seamlessly transitions into more serious discussions.

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E51 | Brian Gordon’s Patriotic Pursuits: Crafting Second Amendment Cigars, Merch Mastery, and Tactical Ventures

Introduction and Opening Cheers: The episode kicks off with Sean and Manny setting the tone for a fun-filled hour, making jokes about shots and introducing their guest, Brian Gordon.
Brian Gordon’s 2nd Amendment Cigars: Brian dives into his latest ventures, including the launch of his new smaller gauge cigars designed specifically for women. He shares the journey of creating these cigars, the challenges, and the pride he takes in his handcrafted products.
New Merchandise Unveiling: The conversation takes a patriotic turn as Brian unveils his brand-new Second Amendment-themed merchandise. From swimsuits to hoodies, learn about the intricacies of starting a merch line, the importance of trademarking, and the benefits of using drop shipping services like Printify and Shopify.

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E49 | Nick Evers's Fairway to Business: A Golfer's Grind, Windy City Wonders, and Unforgettable College Capers

Episode 49: From Chicago to Tampa Bay – The Journey of Nicholas Evers

Welcome back to Happy Hour Holidaze, the podcast where the worlds of entrepreneurship, groundbreaking business insights, and unfiltered joy converge into a symphony of enlightening entertainment! In Episode 49, hosts Manny Fresh and Sean Fabre bring you an extraordinary guest, Nicholas Evers. Nick, known for his charm and golf prowess, joins us to share his journey from Chicago to Tampa Bay, delving into the realms of real estate, life’s challenges, and the captivating game of golf.

The Journey of Nicholas Evers

Nick Evers takes us on an inspiring journey, beginning in the bustling streets of Chicago and leading to the sunny greens of Tampa Bay. His story is one of resilience, friendship, and seizing opportunities. Growing up in Erie, Pennsylvania, Nick moved through various stages of his life, each chapter filled with valuable lessons and experiences that shaped his path to success.

Nick recounts how his childhood friendship with Matt Brookens, who later became his business partner, played a pivotal role in his career. Their bond, forged over years of shared experiences, led to the establishment of a successful real estate venture. This episode delves deep into the dynamics of their partnership and the challenges they faced in the real estate market, including navigating the complexities of student loans.

Insights into the Real Estate Market

Nick’s expertise in real estate offers listeners a behind-the-scenes look at the industry. He shares practical advice on entering the market, building a client base, and staying motivated amidst financial pressures. For aspiring realtors and entrepreneurs, Nick’s story is a treasure trove of insights and strategies. His candid discussion on managing student loans while pursuing a demanding career is particularly enlightening, providing a realistic perspective on balancing financial obligations with professional aspirations.

The Mental Game of Golf

One of the episode’s highlights is Nick’s exploration of the mental game of golf. As a two-handicap golfer, Nick offers valuable insights into maintaining focus and composure on the course. He discusses the importance of mental fortitude, especially when faced with challenging situations like being stuck in a bunker or dealing with the pressures of competition.

The conversation also touches on the controversial LIV Golf series, with Nick, Sean, and Manny offering their perspectives on its impact on the sport. Their discussion provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of professional golf, making this episode a must-listen for golf enthusiasts.

Nostalgia and College Shenanigans

In true Happy Hour Holidaze fashion, the episode is peppered with hilarious anecdotes and nostalgic moments. Nick, Sean, and Manny reminisce about the ’90s, sharing fond memories of popular shows like Doug Funny and the Beats. Their trip down memory lane is sure to resonate with listeners who grew up during that vibrant decade.

The trio also dives into college shenanigans, recounting amusing stories from their younger days. From hilarious pranks that caught the attention of campus cops to wild party tales where the police became the life of the soirée, this segment is filled with laughter and camaraderie.

Stories of Arnold Palmer and Family Tales

A particularly heartwarming segment of the episode features stories about Nick’s father and his friendship with the legendary Arnold Palmer. Nick shares touching memories of his dad’s time as a chef at a country club and the unique bond he formed with Palmer. These anecdotes offer a glimpse into the world of golf club memberships and the rich history of the sport.

Nick’s recounting of his father’s experiences and the special moments they shared on the golf course adds a personal touch to the episode. It’s a testament to the lasting impact of family and the importance of cherishing those connections.

Motivational Insights and Reflections

As the episode draws to a close, Nick offers motivational insights that are sure to inspire listeners. His journey is a testament to the power of resilience, determination, and seizing opportunities. Nick’s reflections on his career, personal growth, and the lessons he’s learned along the way provide a powerful message for anyone striving to achieve their dreams.

Whether you’re a professional on the move, a budding entrepreneur, or simply looking for a splash of fun in your informational diet, this episode has something for everyone. Nick’s story is a reminder that with hard work and the right mindset, it’s possible to overcome obstacles and find success in both personal and professional endeavors.

Tune In and Join the Conversation

Join us for a round of hearty laughs and candid reflections that capture the spirit of camaraderie, both on and off the course. Raise your glass to an episode brimming with resonant stories, belly laughs, and game-changing business acumen. Cheers to another unforgettable episode of Happy Hour Holidaze!

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