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E49 | Nick Evers’s Fairway to Business: A Golfer’s Grind, Windy City Wonders, and Unforgettable College Capers

Nicholas Evers’ Journey:
Nick Evers shares his incredible journey from the Windy City of Chicago to the sun-drenched greens of Tampa Bay. Listen as he unfolds the story of how a simple friendship blossomed into a thriving business venture. Discover the behind-the-scenes of the real estate market through Nick’s eyes and learn how he tackled the heavy burden of student loans.

Golfing Insights:
Ever wondered how a golfer’s mind ticks? Nick, a two-handicap golfer, dives into the mental game of golf, offering insights on everything from slicing down the fairway to being stuck in a bunker. Sean and Manny also stir the pot on the controversial LIV Golf series and discuss the sport’s titans.

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E48 | William Golston’s Gridiron Glory: Reliving the Buccaneers’ Super Bowl Win, Embracing Retirement Transitions, and Savouring Life’s Finer Moments

Welcome to another exciting episode of Happy Hour Holidaze! In Episode 48, we’re thrilled to bring you an exclusive conversation with Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ defensive end, Super Bowl champion, and NFL stalwart, William Gholston. Join your hosts, Sean Febre and Manny Febre, as they dive deep into the journey of a football legend who has become a pillar of consistency and resilience in the NFL.

William Gholston takes us back to his unforgettable draft day in 2013. Relive the excitement and tension as Gholston recounts his experience at the Motor City Casino in Detroit, the missed calls, and the emotional moment when he finally received the life-changing call from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Hear firsthand how Gholston navigated the early days of his career and carved out a legacy alongside Buccaneers’ greats like Ronde Barber and Derrick Brooks.

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E47 | Garrett Greco’s Tampa Tales: From College Vibes to Real Estate Triumphs and the Quest for a Legacy

Dive into this electrifying episode of Happy Hour Holidaze, featuring the riveting journey of Garrett Greco, a visionary real estate mogul and podcast host from Tampa Bay. As we navigate through Garrett’s transition from spirited college life to establishing a dominant presence in the real estate industry, listeners will find both inspiration and valuable insights.

In this episode titled “Garrett Greco’s Tampa Tales: From College Vibes to Real Estate Triumphs and the Quest for a Legacy,” hosts Sean and Manny Febre engage in a deep dive with Garrett, exploring his familial legacy intertwined with Tampa’s political and social fabric. Discover how Garrett’s roots influenced his ambitious foray into real estate and development, and how he leverages his background to foster community connections and drive success.

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E46 | Unkle Reem's BBQ Chronicles: From Touchdowns to Touching Hearts with Tampa Bay's Tastiest Eats and Sweet Sports Memories

From Touchdowns to Touching Hearts: Unkle Reem’s BBQ Journey

In the heart of Tampa Bay, close to the roaring crowds of the Buccaneers’ stadium, lies a gem of culinary delight that’s been making waves in the local food scene. Unkle Reem’s BBQ, known for its succulent brisket, irresistible $1 wings, and a unique twist on mac and cheese, is more than just a place to eat. It’s a story of passion, transition, and community, perfectly encapsulated in Episode 46 of the “Happy Hour Holidaze” podcast hosted by Sean and Manny Febre.

A Dream Ignited

The episode opens with a warm, energetic welcome from the Febre brothers, setting the stage for an intimate exploration into the life of Kareem Ford, a.k.a. Unkle Reem. Listeners are treated to the story of how Reem’s early days as a high school football star and barber evolved into a burgeoning barbecue empire. It’s not just a career change we’re talking about; it’s a leap into a life-altering passion that started with family recipes and a love for bringing people together.

The Recipe for Success

As the conversation unfolds, Reem shares the secret sauce behind his business philosophy—community and quality. Starting with YouTube tutorials and family gatherings, Reem and his business partner, JP, have cooked up a brand that resonates deeply with the local community. Their approach? Keep it authentic, make it delicious, and they will come. And come they do, in droves, especially on Fridays when $1 wings steal the spotlight.

Challenges on the Grill

Transitioning from sports to the culinary world wasn’t without its challenges. Reem discusses the hurdles of his first year in business, from learning the ropes of food safety to understanding customer preferences in a competitive market. The discussion dives deep into the strategies that helped him navigate these challenges, emphasizing the importance of social media in building a brand that people feel connected to.

More Than Just Food

What sets this episode apart is the seamless weaving of personal anecdotes with professional insights. Reem’s love for the Atlanta Falcons and his venture into golf offer a glimpse into his personal pursuits and how they influence his business mindset. It’s these stories that add a layer of depth to the narrative, illustrating how personal growth and business success are often two sides of the same coin.

Looking Ahead

The podcast doesn’t just look back; it looks forward. Reem outlines his visions for the future, including plans for expanding his business into brick-and-mortar locations. The idea is to create a space where the community can gather, not just for great food but for memorable experiences. As Reem puts it, “It’s about making a place where people leave happier than when they came in.”

A Toast to Entrepreneurship

By the end of the episode, listeners are left with not just an appetite for Unkle Reem’s BBQ but for life itself. Sean and Manny do a fantastic job of highlighting the essence of entrepreneurship—its challenges, its rewards, and its ability to transform lives.

This episode of “Happy Hour Holidaze” is more than just a podcast; it’s a masterclass in how to pursue your passions and turn them into a thriving business. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a foodie, or someone looking for a dash of inspiration, this story of perseverance and passion is a must-listen.


As the episode wraps up, the hosts encourage their listeners to keep chasing their dreams, much like Reem did. It’s a powerful reminder that sometimes, the best way to predict your future is to create it yourself. And for those in Tampa, a trip to Unkle Reem’s BBQ isn’t just recommended; it’s a must.

Tune into “Happy Hour Holidaze” for this and more stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. And remember, every episode promises not just insights but a good time—exactly what you’d expect from a podcast that celebrates the spirit of happy hour.

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