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E49 | Nick Evers’s Fairway to Business: A Golfer’s Grind, Windy City Wonders, and Unforgettable College Capers

Nicholas Evers’ Journey:
Nick Evers shares his incredible journey from the Windy City of Chicago to the sun-drenched greens of Tampa Bay. Listen as he unfolds the story of how a simple friendship blossomed into a thriving business venture. Discover the behind-the-scenes of the real estate market through Nick’s eyes and learn how he tackled the heavy burden of student loans.

Golfing Insights:
Ever wondered how a golfer’s mind ticks? Nick, a two-handicap golfer, dives into the mental game of golf, offering insights on everything from slicing down the fairway to being stuck in a bunker. Sean and Manny also stir the pot on the controversial LIV Golf series and discuss the sport’s titans.

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E48 | William Golston’s Gridiron Glory: Reliving the Buccaneers’ Super Bowl Win, Embracing Retirement Transitions, and Savouring Life’s Finer Moments

Welcome to another exciting episode of Happy Hour Holidaze! In Episode 48, we’re thrilled to bring you an exclusive conversation with Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ defensive end, Super Bowl champion, and NFL stalwart, William Gholston. Join your hosts, Sean Febre and Manny Febre, as they dive deep into the journey of a football legend who has become a pillar of consistency and resilience in the NFL.

William Gholston takes us back to his unforgettable draft day in 2013. Relive the excitement and tension as Gholston recounts his experience at the Motor City Casino in Detroit, the missed calls, and the emotional moment when he finally received the life-changing call from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Hear firsthand how Gholston navigated the early days of his career and carved out a legacy alongside Buccaneers’ greats like Ronde Barber and Derrick Brooks.

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E47 | Garrett Greco’s Tampa Tales: From College Vibes to Real Estate Triumphs and the Quest for a Legacy

Dive into this electrifying episode of Happy Hour Holidaze, featuring the riveting journey of Garrett Greco, a visionary real estate mogul and podcast host from Tampa Bay. As we navigate through Garrett’s transition from spirited college life to establishing a dominant presence in the real estate industry, listeners will find both inspiration and valuable insights.

In this episode titled “Garrett Greco’s Tampa Tales: From College Vibes to Real Estate Triumphs and the Quest for a Legacy,” hosts Sean and Manny Febre engage in a deep dive with Garrett, exploring his familial legacy intertwined with Tampa’s political and social fabric. Discover how Garrett’s roots influenced his ambitious foray into real estate and development, and how he leverages his background to foster community connections and drive success.

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E32 | Peering Behind the Pigskin: Brian Holloway's Playbook on NFL Evolution, Pro Bowl Chronicles, and the Quest for Super Bowl Glory


In the latest episode of “Happy Hour Holidaze,” hosts Manny and Sean Febre, along with co-host Christian Pena, embark on an enlightening journey into the heart of American football with none other than Brian Holloway. Holloway, an illustrious former offensive tackle for the New England Patriots and a three-time Pro Bowler, shares a treasure trove of experiences that provide a rare glimpse into the NFL’s evolution, strategies, and the personal dedication required at the highest levels of the sport.

The Draft Day Experience: A Turn of Destiny

Holloway’s recollection of his NFL draft day in 1981 is nothing short of cinematic. Selected 19th overall by the New England Patriots, he narrates the tense moments and sudden shifts that are hallmarks of draft day. His story illustrates the unpredictability and high stakes of NFL recruitment, providing listeners with a front-row seat to the emotional rollercoaster that prospective players endure.

The Super Bowl: Beyond the Glitz and Glamour

Brian delves deep into the experience of playing in the Super Bowl, recounting the Patriots’ journey to Super Bowl XX. He doesn’t shy away from the hard truths, discussing the intense preparation, the psychological toll, and the immense pressure that comes with playing on one of the world’s biggest sporting stages. His perspective sheds light on the less glamorous aspects of the game that fans seldom see.

Training, Tactics, and Team Dynamics

One of the most fascinating parts of the episode is Holloway’s insights into the training and tactical nuances of professional football. From adapting training regimes for different climates and altitudes to discussing the strategy behind every play, Brian’s knowledge is a testament to his expertise and the intellectual depth of the sport. His anecdotes about specific games, like the strategic domination over the Miami Dolphins, are particularly intriguing.

The Evolution of NFL and Its Athletes

Brian also touches on how the NFL has evolved over the years, especially in terms of player welfare and the changing rules of the game. His comparison of the past and present NFL paints a vivid picture of how the sport has grown and adapted. Holloway’s reflections on the physical and mental toll of the sport are eye-opening, emphasizing the immense resilience and dedication required from NFL players.

Personal Stories and Reflections

What truly sets this episode apart are Brian’s personal stories. His account of crying uncontrollably after a crucial win because he realized the magnitude of what they had achieved, is both moving and inspiring. It humanizes a sport that is often seen in terms of statistics and scores, reminding us of the deep emotional investment of the players.

The Intersection of Sports, Business, and Technology

Holloway does not shy away from discussing the business side of football. From contract negotiations to the financial incentives that drive decisions within the sport, he provides an insider’s view of the NFL as a business. Additionally, his thoughts on the impact of technology in football, both in terms of player training and game strategy, are forward-thinking and enlightening.

A Concluding Message of Inspiration

Brian concludes with a powerful message about never giving up and the importance of seizing the moment. This resonates not just with aspiring athletes but with anyone striving to achieve their goals. His emphasis on self-belief and persistence is a fitting end to an episode replete with lessons in life and sports.

In conclusion, this episode of “Happy Hour Holidaze” with Brian Holloway is a masterclass in the business and heart of football. It’s a must-listen for anyone interested in understanding the complexities and beauties of the sport beyond the field. From heart-stopping moments of draft days to the psychological warfare on the Super Bowl field, this episode is a deep dive into the life, challenges, and triumphs of an NFL player.

Be sure to tune in to “Happy Hour Holidaze” for more inspiring stories and candid conversations with trailblazers from various fields. Let’s raise a glass to new learnings and insightful evenings with the legends of our time.


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