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E49 | Nick Evers’s Fairway to Business: A Golfer’s Grind, Windy City Wonders, and Unforgettable College Capers

Nicholas Evers’ Journey:
Nick Evers shares his incredible journey from the Windy City of Chicago to the sun-drenched greens of Tampa Bay. Listen as he unfolds the story of how a simple friendship blossomed into a thriving business venture. Discover the behind-the-scenes of the real estate market through Nick’s eyes and learn how he tackled the heavy burden of student loans.

Golfing Insights:
Ever wondered how a golfer’s mind ticks? Nick, a two-handicap golfer, dives into the mental game of golf, offering insights on everything from slicing down the fairway to being stuck in a bunker. Sean and Manny also stir the pot on the controversial LIV Golf series and discuss the sport’s titans.

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E48 | William Golston’s Gridiron Glory: Reliving the Buccaneers’ Super Bowl Win, Embracing Retirement Transitions, and Savouring Life’s Finer Moments

Welcome to another exciting episode of Happy Hour Holidaze! In Episode 48, we’re thrilled to bring you an exclusive conversation with Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ defensive end, Super Bowl champion, and NFL stalwart, William Gholston. Join your hosts, Sean Febre and Manny Febre, as they dive deep into the journey of a football legend who has become a pillar of consistency and resilience in the NFL.

William Gholston takes us back to his unforgettable draft day in 2013. Relive the excitement and tension as Gholston recounts his experience at the Motor City Casino in Detroit, the missed calls, and the emotional moment when he finally received the life-changing call from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Hear firsthand how Gholston navigated the early days of his career and carved out a legacy alongside Buccaneers’ greats like Ronde Barber and Derrick Brooks.

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E47 | Garrett Greco’s Tampa Tales: From College Vibes to Real Estate Triumphs and the Quest for a Legacy

Dive into this electrifying episode of Happy Hour Holidaze, featuring the riveting journey of Garrett Greco, a visionary real estate mogul and podcast host from Tampa Bay. As we navigate through Garrett’s transition from spirited college life to establishing a dominant presence in the real estate industry, listeners will find both inspiration and valuable insights.

In this episode titled “Garrett Greco’s Tampa Tales: From College Vibes to Real Estate Triumphs and the Quest for a Legacy,” hosts Sean and Manny Febre engage in a deep dive with Garrett, exploring his familial legacy intertwined with Tampa’s political and social fabric. Discover how Garrett’s roots influenced his ambitious foray into real estate and development, and how he leverages his background to foster community connections and drive success.

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E28 | Converting Pain to Purpose: Michael Pangburn's Unveiling of Healing, Athletics, and Personal Training Mastery


Welcome to another compelling episode of “Happy Hour Holidaze,” where your hosts, Sean and Manny Febre, dive into the profound world of healing, resilience, and personal triumph with their latest guest, Michael Pangburn. Michael is not just a chronic pain specialist; he is a living testament to the incredible journey from a life marred by physical adversity to becoming a beacon of hope and healing for countless individuals. In this blog post, we’ll unpack the riveting insights and inspiring stories shared in this episode.

Michael’s Story: From Pain to Purpose

The episode kicks off with Michael opening up about his tumultuous past, filled with severe physical challenges and a life-changing accident. Despite these hurdles, Michael’s story is one of unwavering determination and resilience. He shares how his early encounters with chronic pain and rehabilitation led him to a profound understanding of the human body and its potential for recovery and performance.

The Reality of Sports Safety and Personal Training

Michael takes us through his personal brush with osteopenia, exacerbated by a hit-and-run accident. He discusses the stark realities of safety in sports and the intricacies of the personal training business. His journey sheds light on the delicate balance between pushing the limits and ensuring safety, providing invaluable insights for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Innovative Approaches to Pain Relief

One of the episode’s highlights is Michael’s deep dive into his eclectic arsenal of pain relief methods. He shares astonishing client success stories and hands-on tips, such as using lacrosse balls for myofascial release. His approach is a blend of time-tested techniques and innovative strategies, offering a fresh perspective on managing and overcoming chronic pain.

The Interplay of Mental Fortitude and Physical Rehabilitation

Michael’s narrative is a powerful reminder of the critical role mental fortitude plays in physical rehabilitation. He discusses his decision to sidestep surgery in favor of self-rehabilitation, emphasizing the importance of mindset, discipline, and perseverance in the healing process.

Insights into Exercise Science and Training Methods

Listeners are treated to a wealth of knowledge as Michael shares insights into exercise science and training methods. His expertise provides a deeper understanding of how the body works and the revolutionary techniques that can enhance health, performance, and overall well-being.

The Takeaway: Embracing the Journey

This episode of “Happy Hour Holidaze” is more than just a conversation; it’s a journey into the heart of what it means to overcome, to heal, and to inspire. Michael Pangburn’s story is a powerful beacon for anyone facing their battles, physical or otherwise. His life and work remind us of the incredible potential within each of us to transform our challenges into opportunities for growth, learning, and service to others.

Conclusion: A Toast to Resilience and Healing

As we wrap up this blog post, we raise our glasses to Michael Pangburn, Sean, and Manny Febre, and the countless listeners and readers who join us in this journey of discovery and empowerment. “Happy Hour Holidaze” continues to be a platform for sharing stories that resonate, inspire, and educate.

We invite you to tune into this episode, absorb the rich insights, and perhaps find a piece of your own story reflected in the conversations. May this be a reminder of the resilience that lies within you and the healing that’s possible when we embrace our journeys with courage and open hearts. Cheers to new learnings, laughter, and insightful evenings!