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E49 | Nick Evers’s Fairway to Business: A Golfer’s Grind, Windy City Wonders, and Unforgettable College Capers

Nicholas Evers’ Journey:
Nick Evers shares his incredible journey from the Windy City of Chicago to the sun-drenched greens of Tampa Bay. Listen as he unfolds the story of how a simple friendship blossomed into a thriving business venture. Discover the behind-the-scenes of the real estate market through Nick’s eyes and learn how he tackled the heavy burden of student loans.

Golfing Insights:
Ever wondered how a golfer’s mind ticks? Nick, a two-handicap golfer, dives into the mental game of golf, offering insights on everything from slicing down the fairway to being stuck in a bunker. Sean and Manny also stir the pot on the controversial LIV Golf series and discuss the sport’s titans.

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E48 | William Golston’s Gridiron Glory: Reliving the Buccaneers’ Super Bowl Win, Embracing Retirement Transitions, and Savouring Life’s Finer Moments

Welcome to another exciting episode of Happy Hour Holidaze! In Episode 48, we’re thrilled to bring you an exclusive conversation with Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ defensive end, Super Bowl champion, and NFL stalwart, William Gholston. Join your hosts, Sean Febre and Manny Febre, as they dive deep into the journey of a football legend who has become a pillar of consistency and resilience in the NFL.

William Gholston takes us back to his unforgettable draft day in 2013. Relive the excitement and tension as Gholston recounts his experience at the Motor City Casino in Detroit, the missed calls, and the emotional moment when he finally received the life-changing call from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Hear firsthand how Gholston navigated the early days of his career and carved out a legacy alongside Buccaneers’ greats like Ronde Barber and Derrick Brooks.

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E47 | Garrett Greco’s Tampa Tales: From College Vibes to Real Estate Triumphs and the Quest for a Legacy

Dive into this electrifying episode of Happy Hour Holidaze, featuring the riveting journey of Garrett Greco, a visionary real estate mogul and podcast host from Tampa Bay. As we navigate through Garrett’s transition from spirited college life to establishing a dominant presence in the real estate industry, listeners will find both inspiration and valuable insights.

In this episode titled “Garrett Greco’s Tampa Tales: From College Vibes to Real Estate Triumphs and the Quest for a Legacy,” hosts Sean and Manny Febre engage in a deep dive with Garrett, exploring his familial legacy intertwined with Tampa’s political and social fabric. Discover how Garrett’s roots influenced his ambitious foray into real estate and development, and how he leverages his background to foster community connections and drive success.

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E14 | Navigating through Ethereal Creations and Visual Stories in the World of Cloud Kent’s Art


Art isn’t just about colors, shapes, or patterns. At its core, it embodies human experiences, crescendos of emotions, and the troughs of personal battles. Today, let’s immerse ourselves in the life and art of Cloud Kent.

From NYC Streets to Colorful Canvases

Life in bustling New York City shaped Cloud Kent. Influenced by art from his father in jail and life lessons from his steadfast single mother, each brushstroke, and color palette carried a fragment of his intricate life tales.

Facing the Unexpected: Life’s Cruel Twists

However, art wasn’t the only thing that characterized Cloud’s life. At just 25, he faced life-threatening health challenges. Blood pressure spikes, daunting respiratory issues, and an entourage of medical professionals marked this period. But it was more than a survival story. It was a tale of rebirth.

Art as a Savior: Transformation & Catharsis

Post his life-saving procedure, Cloud’s art evolved. His heart illustrations, already a symbol of vulnerability, took on an even deeper meaning. For Cloud, art was a beacon during the darkest times, an anchor. And when he relocated from New York to Fort Myers, Florida, it symbolized a fresh chapter.

In an intimate chat with Sean and Manny Febre on the Happy Hour Holidaze podcast, Cloud delved into these transformative experiences. Remarkably, he even painted during a phase post-surgery when he was temporarily visually impaired. This phase, a testament to an artist’s indomitable spirit, was nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Skyfall: More than an Art Event

“Skyfall,” Cloud’s solo art venture, is a celebration of his journey. With acrylic and spray paints bursting with emotion and freedom, it was a raw, unfiltered portrayal of Cloud’s heart and soul.


For Cloud Kent, art isn’t just an expression. It’s a refuge, a voice, a healing balm. His narrative stands as a testament to the transformative power of art, reminding us that even in the face of adversity, creativity can thrive.